It all begun with a crazy idea. Is it possible to own and farm together? Instead of one family having to insert the entire life, can we share the work and all get a piece of the farming-cake? The answer is yes!

We started our first animal community in the summer of 2012, five families. We did not know each other from the start, but by time we have become close friends and sort of farm colleagues. We live on a small island on the west coast of Sweden, close to Gothenburg. We all have other works as well, but each fifth week is our farming week. During that week, we are responsible for all the 50 sheeps, 2-9 pigs (depending on piglets), and 16-25 hens (depending on chickens, hawks, and foxes). During our week, we take care of the animals and usually we spend one or two hours there each day. We usually bring the kids, they can help with minor duties, and it is important for us to teach them where the food comes.

We have chosen old native animal breedings, and our pigs are of the sort Linderödssvin, a very old pig that can go outdoors all year round. The sheeps originates from a several hundred years old breed called Gutefår (Gute Sheep). The hens are also old, and called Skånsk blommehöna (meaning ”hen from southern Sweden with many colours”)

We do the butchering our selves, and also the whole process of turning the body into meat and food. It is important for us that the animal gets the best possible life and a quick death without transportation or butcheries.

The sheep helps keeping the landscape open and also grazes on the other (smaller) islands in the archipelago. Our sheep likes the ocean view. 🙂 The grazing is also essential for preserving the flowers, insects, butterflies, birds and frogs that all depends on the grazed areas and are threatened close to extinction.

We thrive to keep the contact with nature, from which we are dependent and that we need to take care of. And together we are stronger than one-by one.

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